Created to help adult collectors build awesome dioramas for fashion dolls.

Roomboxes are the base and the background. Furniture and accessories are nice additions that offer many compositional possibilities. Imagine your beautiful dolls in such an interior. All these elements create a diorama ready for great photos.


Modular system.

I designed the roomboxes in a modular system, which means that each room consists of separate walls and floor that can be interchanged with others of the same size. It allows you to build single rooms and combine them with others (into double or triple rooms). Roomboxes are also easy to assemble (and to disassemble for storage).


Old and new roomboxes.

I created my first modular roomboxes in 2017. I liked them, but had a lot of ideas for improving them. I also asked you about your thoughts and needs related to roomboxes. After a few months of thinking, drawing and experimenting, I built a new modular system of roomboxes.


New, better modular roombox system.

There is only one bad thing about system created in 2022: it doesn't work with the old one. But I had to design it that way because it opened up a lot of possibilities.

  • 'magic' (magnetic) walls that keep shelves, pictures, hangers, curtain rods and other decorations
  • better reusable connecting walls and floors - with screws
  • universal side walls (there are no left and right ones) - you can connect each side wall on the left or on the right
  • ceilings with lamps
  • transparent dust cover
  • each wall is two-sided (walls with windows are internal-external)
  • possible to stack roomboxes
  • new wall surfaces (vertical and horizontal 'stripes')
  • rounded windows and door openings
  • safer acrylic glass panes
  • faux tile floor
  • four wall rooms possible to assemble (to change perspectives for photos)
  • adding rooms behind back wall
  • floors made of real wood: oak, mahogany, walnut, birch and wenge (no more stained pine wood)
  • sliding doors.       
More details soon. 

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