roombox 1*

299.00 EUR / Coming Soon

Roombox for 10-13″ dolls. Designed in a modular system, which means that each room consists of separate walls and floor that can be interchanged with others of the same size (more info).

The set consists of:
– basic side wall: two-sided (plain / vertical lines), 8 magnetic points
– basic side wall: two-sided (plain / horizontal lines), 6 magnetic points
– floor made of miniature wooden planks (real walnut wood)
– thick back wall with deep window
– connectors
– pieces that makes the roombox look nice (painted in the same color as walls)
– screwdriver, bolts and user manual.

The most important features of the new roomboxes:
- magnetic walls that keep shelves, pictures, hangers and other decorations (each wall without window contain several movable magnetic points)
- universal side walls (there are no left and right ones) - you can connect each side wall on the left or on the right
- each wall is two-sided (walls with windows are internal-external)
- improved joining of walls and floors - with reusable screws
- floor made of real wood
- new wall surfaces (vertical and horizontal 'stripes')
- safer acrylic glass panes
- rounded windows and door openings.

Inner dimensions of the room:
width 46cm (18 1/8 inches),
depth 46cm (18 1/8 inches),
height 45,5cm (17 3/4 inches).

Video available here on Instagram.

Made of sturdy wood-based board (not foam board or balsa). Walls painted with acrylic in beige. Small scratches on window pane can occur. Weight 7,8kg.

You will receive separate walls and floor that are easy to assemble (joints and tools included). The roombox can be also easily disassembled for storage. You can also assemble only two walls for better lighting of the scene (one back wall and one of side walls).

Magnetic decorations are here.

* This is one of the first roomboxes in new modular system that I have made. So small imperfections may occur and the walls with windows will not match curtain rods in the future. That's why the roombox is cheaper than similar roomboxes that I will make in the future. Please contact me if you have any doubts before purchasing.

Intended for adult collectors.

Shipping by registered parcel:
EUR 29-65 to European countries,
EUR 109 to USA and Canada,
EUR 101 to Japan and Singapore,
EUR 180 to Australia.
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Walls contain small neodymium magnets. Safety regulations for neodymium magnets are as follows:
- children should never be allowed to play with neodymium magnets
- keep magnets at least 20cm (8 inches) away from sensitive electronic and storage devices like: smartphones, data carriers, TV sets, monitors, watches, payment cards, computers, headphones, video tapes, etc.
- magnets can also damage medical devices such as pacemakers, implanted heart defibrillators and hearing aids, so keep them away from them.