blue roombox

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Roombox for 10-13″ dolls.
From "old" system of roomboxes (more info).

The set consists of:
– basic side wall (left)
– two floors made of miniature wooden planks
– basic back wall 32cm (12 5/8 “) wide
– connector (half-wall with a piece of floor)
– basic back wall 44cm (17 3/8 “) wide
– side wall (right) with window.

The floor will be stained in color you choose from: walnut, oak, whitened, grey, mahogany, and natural (lacquered with clear varnish). Available colors are presented below. Natural floors in the photos are not lacquered. Please note that natural pine wood darkens over time.

Inner dimensions of the room:
height 44cm (17 3/8 inches),
depth 32cm (12 5/8 inches),
width 78cm (30 3/4 inches).

Made of sturdy board and wood (not foam board or balsa). Glass window pane. Walls were painted with acrylic in blue. The walls are not perfectly smooth (this is handmade) and not painted outside.

You will receive separate walls and floor that are easy to assemble (joints included). The roombox can be also easily disassembled for storage.

Please let me know what color you would like for the floor.
floor colors

Intended for adult collectors.

Shipping by registered parcel:
EUR 39-75 to European countries,
EUR 99 to USA and Canada,
EUR 119 to Japan, Korea, China and Singapore,
EUR 188 to Australia.