My name is Milena and I am behind Minimagine.

I make roomboxes, furniture and accessories for fashion dolls. I created Minimagine to help adult collectors build awesome dioramas and have fun.

I have been interested in dolls since 2008. There are several dozen fashion dolls in my collection. All my favorite dolls are fully articulated because I don’t like posing other dolls. I like building dioramas and photographing them. Attention to detail helps me match the scale of my items to dolls. I am an interior designer by education, but I prefer to work in scale, for dolls and their owners.

What else? I’m a women in my thirties, a wife, a homebody. I’m based in Poland, Europe. I like cats, rain and the smell of fresh lilies of the valley.



doll photo

I still haven't found my mini-me doll. More photos on Instagram and Facebook.