Aimee is my Barbie "Fashionistas White & Pink Pizzazz" (tall) on "Purple Top" Made to Move body (the palest one). At first I was not convinced of this mold. There was a sale in a store one day and I chose the prettiest one of a dozen or so Fashionistas #30. I like her original yellow sandals and necklace, the white skirt is also useful.

Her hair looks natural. I wish that her lips was not so pink, maybe I will try to repaint it later.

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With Vivian.

Do you remember Studio M? Aimee wanted to paint the letter M. It is hard to decide what color to choose.

More of this cheerful girl here.

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  1. Ta dziewczyna w Twoich stylizacjach wygląda stokroć ładniej niż w oryginalnych ubrankach!
    To piękna panna o uroczym, delikatnym uśmiechu!
    Fakt, ciałko artykułowane gra tu bardzo wielką rolę :-)

    1. Nie było łatwo wybrać egzemplarz z ładnymi i równymi oczami. Dziękuję za miły komentarz!


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