It's nice to present you another post from the series "Guests" (about Minimagine's furniture in other than my camera). Today's photos belong to Kim London.

She is one of my one of my favourite doll photographer. Her photos are on Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. Here are only these pictures where Minimagine furniture appear.

Kim collects 16" dolls like Superdoll Sybarite, Numina, Kingdom Doll, JamieShow, FDA, LeMuse Doll, etc. So she chose furniture in 1/4 scale: chairs 401-07, table similar to model 408-03 and desk 415-03.

The photo below is very special for Minimagine. Kim, thank you once again!

More Kim's pictures (with my furniture) you can find here.

All photos in this post are property of Kim and I have her permission to use them here.


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