One of advantages of my modular system of roomboxes is that you can match walls and floors in many ways. I presented roomboxes with walls in one color in previous posts. Today I will show you more options.

The first set (above) consists of: back wall painted in 'pale apricot', grey side wall and floor stained in oak.

The second set: grey side wall, 'pale apricot' back wall and whitened floor.

The third set is made of: warm grey back wall, 'pale apricot' side wall with window and floor stained in walnut.

These chairs are the first I stained in walnut and I like them. I'm going to varnish them (like the floor).

White side wall, white back wall with window and walnut floor are the fourth set.

By the way, Kendra poses near to my new bookcase (model 610-11, unpainted yet).

Which set would you choose for your dolls?
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