Who guess how many tiny planks I used to make small size floor covered with inlaid parquet?

It was 484 pieces of wood! For the smallest floor in my modular system of roomboxes!

The turtle is walking on bigger planks than the ones in the photo with Aimee but everything went so slowly. When I announced it in August, I didn't know that this project takes so much time. I mean my modular system of roomboxes. I wanted to create something looking nice and realistic in doll collectors' photos. I designed several types of walls and floors quite fast. I planned to release it in September. Unfortunatelly, I had some health problems and other technical difficulties occured in the meantime. I wanted to make several complete roomboxes before release, to make sure everything works well. Now I'm finishing the last type of walls.

Here are more behind-the-scenes pictures: Kendra on pinkish floor (one layer of mahogany stain, not lacquered) and with unfinished oak stained parquet.

And the last photo: Susan on the floor painted in ooak grey and stained (three times) in mahogany. More finished floors will be described soon.

More blog posts about my roomboxes you can find here.

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  1. Wow, the floors are amazing! I can only imagine how much work these took! Great job.

  2. Amazing work. So realistic! And all that work you put in, it's beautiful. The handyman is very cute. Great pictures!

    1. Thank you. I did my best to make it realisctic. The handyman was described here.


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