Do you like cats? I do. Susan is a catlover too.

Susan is playing with adult cats by Schleich. Bench and panelling made by Minimagine.

Zoe has fun with cats too.

I still give names to my dolls. Maybe I should give names to these cats too. Any suggestions?

What about the mouse? Here it is! I hope you are not afraid of mice. It's funny that the mouse is bigger than all the cats in the previous photos. Aimee loves all "fur animals". I'm sure that you recognize the mouse. This rodent species lives in Ikea stores (in the children's section).

I prefer cats though. If you want to see more miniature cats, click here.


  1. Tobie i Twoim lalkom oraz kotom też życzę dobrego dnia! Zdjęcia cudowne! Pozdrawiam!

    1. Dziękuję pięknie! Tobie też życzę wspaniałego dnia :-)


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