Chelsea is Momoko "Go for Victory" released in 2006. She arrived to me in late 2009 nude. Her stock outfit is nice but not very useful for me. I only regret that I don't own her sneakers.

Chelsea and her twin friend (thanks to Magda).

I like her blue eyes, unusual hair color and simple ponytail.

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  1. Niedoceniona pośród Momosiek, a przecież to szczególna lalka- tak jasne, błękitne ślepia i platyna na główce zdarzają się dość rzadko, a do tego te rzęsiska :)

  2. She is very beautiful!! Her eyes seems to be a little different from most momokos? not only because they are blue, maybe it's the eyelashes? in any case she's very pretty :)
    You have an amazing collection!

  3. Ależ to ślicznotka! Bardzo ujmująca z tą barwą włosów i kolorem oczu!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  4. Lunarh Witherfield Karma i olla123, to chyba jedyna taka jasnowłosa i jasnooka Momoko od Sekiguchi aż do "Too Much Too Young" z 2012 roku. Ostatnio jest więcej takich 'bladych' lalek, np. bardzo podobna kolorystycznie "WUDsp Azone006". Pozdrawiam :-)

    Fantasywoods, thank you. I agree, she's a beauty. Her eyes are special because of her eyelashes and pale blue color.

  5. Ah she is gorgeous. I wish Momokodoll would release this colour combination again. They don't seem to release as many combinations as they used to with the older dolls. Just something about that blonde hair and blue eyes on her, just looks amazing.

    1. Sekiguchi released some similar 'pale' dolls lately: WUDsp Azone006, What Alice Found There, WUDsp Azone002, A Droplet of Sand. But they are different though.

  6. lekkość i powab w jednym!!!


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