Another doll from my collection is Laura, Momoko 'Orion's Sonata' (released in 2009). She arrived to me nude in 2010. Her original outfit you can see on official Momoko website.

I like her hair style and natural make-up. I never wanted to change anything in her.

Most of the pictures in this blog post is quite old, but I wanted to publish them, however. There will be a lot of new photos soon. I have many ideas for dioramas. I wish I had more time.


It  seems that she likes violet and pink.


  1. Oh gosh, you have this Momoko!! This girl was the very first Momoko I really liked back in 2013. One of the bjd companies at the time were selling these dolls and she was one of them. I remember seeing her and thinking how much I love her whole look and style but I procrastinated a little too long, the company had a massive sale and then the dolls were no longer available for purchase on the site. I was just reminiscing about her tonight actually and then saw your post just now.

    She's an amazing doll and I really regret not getting her back in 2013. I love her in all these photos. They may be older photos but I think you always seem to have a knack for photographing your dolls so well and showcasing their beauty.

    Can I ask, do you make the clothes they wear yourself? I've been admiring the clothing on your girls.

    I share your sentiment. I wish there was more hours in the day!

    1. Thank you so much for these nice words.
      Yes, I sew for my dolls. Most of clothes in this blog post are made by me, except the coat (it is from Momoko "Marrons glaces").
      As for "Orion's Sonata" - I will send you a message in a while.

  2. Ale fajnie mają się Twoje lalki! Tak o nie dbasz, szyjesz i kupujesz im ciuszki, konstruujesz mebelki i akcesoria! Piękne!
    Twoja Momoko jest przecudna! A jej fryzurka jest bardzo twarzowa!

    1. Dziękuję. Ubrań to im raczej nie kupuję, co najwyżej buty. Więc szyję sama.
      Co do fryzury - jest bardzo fajna, tylko trzeba z nią uważać, żeby gdzieś nie zahaczyć włosami (taki misterny splot wygląda dobrze jedynie w stanie nierozczochranym).

  3. ta twarz niezmiennie mnie zachwyca!!!
    cudowne malarskie tło akwarelowe...


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