Gina is Momoko 'Berry Hunter' released in 2008 by Sekiguchi. Here you can see her in original outfit.
I wish I had her red glasses but she arrived to me nude in 2010.

I have several short hair dolls and I think there will be more.

I like her dark green eyes.

She poses gracefully. I chose her many times for taking photos.


  1. Gina is a very photogenic girl! I can see why you took many pictures of her! I just love her short hair. You really have a lot of nice outfits for your girls.

  2. She is very cute! I love her bob! Also I love the painted backdrops in these photos! They look so cool!
    Lydia's Dolls @

  3. I actually love her hairstyle. That bob just seems to suit these dolls. She is very lovely. Did you get the newest release with the blonde/pink hair?

    1. Thank you.
      I'm not sure what release with the blonde/pink hair you mean. Please give me a link.
      I checked Momoko line-up a while ago and I found two new girls. And I fell in love in WUD022 :-)

    2. WUD022 is pretty. I just wish they weren't so hard to order. The official shop doesn't seem to carry many at all.

      The one I meant was: Shaved ice.

    3. Oh, Fruity Shaved Ice. I find her hairand face nice but not so much to buy Momoko in kimono.
      I think that WUD022 is regular Sekiguchi Momoko and will be available in official shop and on Ebay soon.

  4. To bardzo ładna lalka! Jej twarz jest niezwykle fotogeniczna! Uwielbiam oglądać wnętrza i piękne meble Twoich lalek! Są wspaniałe!


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