Today Minimagine is celebrating the fourth anniversary of coming into being.
I'm very happy that you are here with me. Thank you so much for your support!

In  September I announced the photo contest for you all. The winner will receive a coupon code for 40% off to use in my Etsy shop (one-time, valid to November 30th). Accepting photos ended yesterday. There are eight entries. You can see them below.

Your task is to vote for the best pictures in your opinion. Each photo has a number and the numbers are in the poll in the sidebar. Anyone can vote. You may select multiple photos. Voting ends on October 16th at 8 PM (UTC +1). Then I will announce the winner.

Here is the special committee below which supervises the conduct of voting :-)

There are eight contestants. Here are the photos (in order of coming):

1. AlasseCarnesir

2.   Apokripha

3.  Nilsa

4.   Lydia

5.  Rebeca

6.   Marta

7.  Reese

8.  Mary

Thank you very much for your entries!
Don't hesitate to share the post and ask your friends for their votes.

Which are your favourite photos? Please let me know in comments.

Have fun!


  1. Absolutely Apokripha, I love this idea, but it was hard to choose just one.:-(

    1. Thank you for your opinion. You can choose multiple photos :-)

  2. #2 Apokripha and #5 Yukari :)

  3. #2 Apokripha :D

  4. #4 Lydia, #2 Apokripha

  5. First of all, thanks to Milena for this wonderful contest (and congratulations for this Anniversary!). Unusual photo-requests are ever funny and creative. It was a very interesting challenge to create something including a number 4 and there have been very interesting interpretations among the photos.

    Secondly, heartily thanks to all those persons who voted honestly to their favorite photo/s. I am very happy and proud to see that some of you choose my humble photo (number #2) as your favorite.
    After a fair play, the favorite of the voters is number #3 with difference, and the photo really deserves the first prize. More dolls in the photo ever means more difficulty, to make four dolls (oh, magic number four) posing with their pets was surely a difficult task. But the number of dolls is not the only 4 we can find in the photo, they are also holding a number 4 candle! Sure she spent a lot of time looking for such a prop. Of course I spent a lot of time making my teeny tiny hand-painted paper cut-out-four, but probably it ended up not being as impressible as an used birthday candle. Moreover, the photo number #3 is technically perfect: colors, lighting… very beautiful, harmonious and expressive.

    So I want to congratulate the winner with that overwhelming 76% of the votes. Congratulations, Nilsa, all the effort you put on your outstanding photo had been recognized! I would be very sad to see someone cheating and becoming the winner thanks to dirty tricks.

    With more than 750 visitors and voters, is easy to say that the contest was a great success! Who would say that only 8 contestants can generate that prodigious response!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. I'm not able to check who and how voted. The previous contests http://www.minimagine.com/search?q=congrats were 'normal'. The 'massive voters' could at least voted for some other photos... ;-)

  6. thanks Apokripha . Only want to say that your photo was my favorite and yes it was an used candle because I was planning to have it lighted up but it was too much danger for the dolls and props. To Milena, thanks do much. If you have doubts above the votes I will gladly decline the price and you could do another one giveaway. I cannot tell who voted for me except for those who left a message and some doll friends.

    1. Nilsa, if I had doubts and/or proofs that something illicit happened, I would not give you the main prize. In fact, I'm surprized that so many people voted but it was allowed. According to Blogger poll voting, you are the winner and please let it be so. Please accept your prize and don't be angry at me.

  7. Thank you so much for all the contestants and voters. You can see the winner here http://www.minimagine.com/2016/10/congrats-to-winners.html

    I'm not responsible for votes and other comments. I would like that you are nicer to each other though.


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