how I keep my Momoko dolls

How many paper towels do you use weekly?

I decided to organize storage for my dolls. Unfortunatelly, I don't have enough space to display all dolls on shelves. To be honest, I don't even have enough nice clothes for all at once. Momokos are the biggest part of my collection so I made a chest for them. The dolls wait there in peace for more clothing, shoes... and roomboxes. Additionally, they are now better protected from dust (my shelves are open, maybe I'll have a showcase in the future).

I bought a big box. It contains 20 dolls. I want to keep them vertically because I don't like creased hair when they lie horizontally. How to make such stands? You can see it here on my Pinterest.

I keep my dolls nude in the box but I don't like photos of nude dolls on my blog. You can see more pictures at my new board 'behind the scenes'. There is also a paper towel used.


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    1. Thank you. I hope that it will be helpful.

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    1. Może nie jest najpiękniejsze, ale bardzo praktyczne.
      Jeśli lalki mają luźne stawy biodrowe, to trzeba zrobić tuby wysokie aż pod pachy.

  3. ależ modernistycznie wyszło - trochę jak w labiryncie,
    trochę jak w budowli z przyszłości, gdzie adeptki dziś
    nieznanych nauk czekają na swoją szansę...
    powstało całkiem intrygujące przechowalnictwo!


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