photo contest - entries and voting

I announced the third anniversary photo contest on October 1st. Today is the day when I present all the entries. There are nine contestants. I would like to thank you all for great photos of your three favourite dolls.

Each photo has a number and the numbers are in a poll in the sidebar. Anyone can vote. You may select multiple answers. Voting ends on November 15th at 8 PM (UTC +1). Then I will announce the winner and send messages with the coupon codes.

Don't hesitate to share the post and ask your friends for their votes.
Which are your three favourite photos? Please let me know in comments.

Here are the photos (in order of comming):

1. Image Captor

2. Rebeca

3. Never Enough Dolls

4. Lily Queens

5. Luis / Ldolls

6. Dollmoiselle

7. Filipa

8. Marianne / Yoshi's Island

9. Freja


  1. Hi Milena, great photos! I voted :-). Linda

    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much for your comment and vote :-)

  2. hello, I voted, it was not easy, photographs chosen for the contest are superb!

    1. Hello, thank you for your vote. Yes, the participants did a good job!

  3. Strasznie podoba mi się tematyka konkursu <3 <3 <3 W wolnej chwili przejrzę strony autorów, bo jestem okropnie ciekawa jak wyglądają ich kolekcje, skoro większość wybrała trzy lalki tego samego typu.

    1. Ciesze się, że temat się podoba. Ja wybrałabym pewnie trzy Momoko :-)
      Zapraszam na 'wyzwanie fotograficzne'.


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