contest: win a chair

I have a new photo contest for all my readers. To win is this dark brown shabby chair for 16" dolls that you can see on the photos with my Tonner doll. This time your task is to take a great photo of your whole 1/4 size doll that the chair would be for. I suggest you to dress your doll in clothes that look good with dark brown. Nude and almost nude dolls are not allowed. Whole doll means that you can not cut off any part of the doll when framing the photo.

To take part in this contest you need to send one photo at The minimal width of the photo should be 800px and it should be square or horizontal. Please do not put your signature on the photo. I will link your pictures to your blogs or websites.

I will answer all your messages so if you won't receive a reply in two days please contact me other way. I accept your entries to August 4th. There should be at least five contenders to continue the contest so let your friends know about it. Then I will publish your photos and set a readers' voting. The winner will be announced on August 28th. I will ship the prize by registered mail with tracking. Have fun!

There were seven wonderful contestants in my previous contest. Who will win this time?


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