bad news and new shop sections

Bad news. I would like to announce that my Etsy shop is going to be opened to the end of May. Then I will pause for one or two (maybe three) months. I hope that you will return after this break. Of course I will let you know when the shop will be reopened.

Good news. You can place your orders to May 31st so you have still about three weeks to find some furniture for your dolls. And I'm going to update my blog all the time, with no breaks.

New shop sections. Some time ago I changed sections in my Etsy shop. I offer some playscale furniture pieces in smaller and in bigger sizes so I divided my items into following sections:

  • for 10-11" dolls - chairs, stools, desks, tables, benches etc., that are good for such dolls like Blythe and Momoko (lower than for example Fashion Royalty dolls)
  • for 11-12" dolls - chairs, stools, desks, tables and benches that fit such dolls like Barbie and Poppy Parker (desk and tables are higher than for Momokos)
  • for 10-12" dolls - here are bookcases, beds, nightstands, coffee tables, rocking chairs and other items suitable for all playscale dolls (in 1/6 scale)
  • for 16" dolls - furniture for dolls in 1/4 scale like Tonner, Sybarites, JamieShow,Tullabelle, FR16 and MSD
  • accessories - here you can find potted plants, boxes, mugs and framed pictures for both 1/6 and 1/4 dolls
What do you think about such categories? I hope that these sections will help you to find perfect size furniture for your dolls.

For my Polish readers. Proszę, dajcie znać, czy mam tu pisać też po polsku. Mój angielski nie jest rewelacyjny, ale wydaje mi się bardziej uniwersalny dla osób zainteresowanych moimi miniaturowymi meblami. W pasku bocznym umieściłam opcję tłumaczenia moich nieskomplikowanych tekstów po angielsku, ale różnie bywa z tym tłumaczem. Także jeśli chcecie moje krótkie teksty w języku polskim, to nie ma problemu. Oczywiście komentować można śmiało również po polsku! :-)