You can change side walls, back walls and floors. It's easy to assemble (with new joints). Roomboxes can be also disassembled for storage. Use two or three walls for photos or build a big space for your dolls by adding walls and floors. There are two sizes of rooms available: medium and small. Side walls are the same for both sizes.

All you need to build a rudimentary roombox is: floor, back wall and one side wall (left or right). Such roombox is great for taking photos. You will be able to add a second side wall or change for example floor later. If you will like it, it's also possible to join the next room.

As you can see above, you can choose between small and medium size floors. There are four types of floors available at present. They are made of pine wood planks, wood stained and lacquered.

1. irregular wide and long planks
2. regular narrow and short planks
3. regular wide and long planks
4. inlaid parquet

As for the colors, wood stained planks look most realistic. There are four available at present: walnut (dark brown), mahogany (reddish), oak and whitened.

There are two types of walls: back and side. Additionally, side walls can be one-sided (left or right) or two-sided (for example with an opening). The walls are made of sturdy board and painted with acrylic. Each wall has a baseboard. Painted walls are not perfectly smooth. Some walls have windows - they are made of plywood, wood and real glass pane (they are not openable). All the walls have joints to connect them to other walls and floors. Examples of corner (two-walls) and three-walls roomboxes below.

There are five types of back walls at present. Similar to floors, back walls are available in two sizes: small and medium. Back walls can be also joined with each other in line.

1. basic back wall (medium and small)

2. back wall with big window with muntins (medium and small)

3. back wall with small windows (medium and small)

4. back wall with casement window (medium and small)

5. back wall with panelling (medium and small)

These walls can be left or right. Most of the side walls fit all back walls. The only exception is the side wall with panelling - it looks good only with matching back wall with pannelling.
The one-sided walls without windows can be changed in two-sided walls without opening (on special order).

1. basic side wall (left or right)

2. side wall with big window with muntins (left or right)

3. side wall with small window (left or right)

4. side wall with casement window (left or right)

5. side wall with panelling (left or right)

You can choose acrylic color of each side of this wall, acrylic color of opening frame and woodstain color of threshold.

6. side wall with framed opening

Walls can be painted with one of acrylic colors from the list below. I recommend to choose the same color for wall and baseboard - it allows more possibilities when exchanging walls. You can also choose color of windows. Note that colors may slightly differ due to each monitor settings.

.............. 526. olive green
.............. 527. blueish grey
.............. 528. pale apricot
.............. 525. pale rose
.............. 529. warm grey
.............. 501. black
.............. 502. white
.............. 524. pale yellow
.............. 505. beige
.............. 512. light pink
.............. 515. dark brown
.............. 522. turquoise
.............. 530. pale blue

Now you have to decide which walls and floors are the best for you.
To make it easier I prepared several examples of roomboxes.

Set A consists of:
- small size floor type 4 (inlaid parquet) woodstained in oak,
- small size back wall painted in white,
- basic side wall (left) painted in white,
- two-sided side wall with opening (right side in white, left side in grey, white opening frame, oak threshold),
- medium size floor type 1 (irregular wide and long planks) wood stained in oak,
- medium size back wall with two small windows painted in grey (white windows),
- basic side wall (right) painted in grey.

Set B consists of:
- medium size floor type 3 painted in grey
- white side wall (left) with pale blue panelling
- white back wall (medium size) with pale blue panelling.

Set C consists of:
- medium size floor type 2 wood stained in mahogany
- left basic side wall painted in white
- medium size back wall with big window with muntins (white wall with black window).
- right basic side wall painted in white.

Set D consists of:
- medium size floor type 1 woodstained in walnut
- basic back wall painted in "528 pale apricot", medium size
- side wall (right) painted in "528 pale apricot" with white casement window.

Set E consists of:
- side wall (left) with big window with muntins (warm grey wall, white window)
- medium size basic back wall painted in warm grey
- medium size floor type 3, whitened.


Set F (on the left) and set G (on the right).

Sets: H, K and L (from left to right).

Sets: M, N and P (from left to right).

Last updated: November 2017.

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