Hi! We are Susan, Kendra and Aimee.

Welcome to our Studio M. We will broadcast from here this year.

Pictures will be published on Instagram at first. But the most important things will appear here on the blog.

Sorry for the mess. You know how it is when you move around.

I found the measuring tape. Other tools will be useful later.

Still so many boxes to unpack.

Giuliano! ❤

So tired.

What about this rack?

Phew, we got rid of big cartons. Let's make a plan what next.

What do you think we need here now? Bookcases? Chest of drawers? Maybe a comfortable armchair?
Or something other than furniture? :-)


  1. Well hello, Susan, Kendra and Aimee! I love what you are wearing and you did a wonderful job on organizing the room! Some artwork might look nice on the walls to brighten up the place! Whatever you do, I know it will be wonderful!

  2. Myślę podobnie jak Phyllis, cokolwiek wymyślą dziewczyny będzie wspaniałe! Wnętrze już wygląda fajnie i ciekawie, ale na pewno wzbogacisz je o nowe detale :-)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  3. Oj zapowiada się naprawdę interesujące wnętrze! Ciekawe jakie piękne rzeczy tutaj się jeszcze pojawią? pozdrawiam serdecznie!


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